Services We Provide in London M25

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services LondonGreenlight Landscape Ltd. offers professional landscaping services to our clients with the hope of creating a new outside space which you and your family could use all year round! One thing we do differently is that we consult with you as the client on every step of the way. Our landscaping experts will enquire what you want done to your garden and outdoor area. Once we have all the information, the next step involves planning and designing the space to suit your specifications. If you are unsure of what to expect, then our team will advise you on the best way forward to design your outdoors. It is important for the client to remember that we need your input regarding the garden structures such as ponds, retaining walls and decking.

Garden Design

Garden Design Services LondonGarden Design is what changes the entire outlook of your garden and outdoor areas. Our expert landscapers will first visit the site and listen to your proposals and the type of garden you are looking for. If you would prefer more of a traditional contemporary or an ultra-modern design whichever suits your style? Once we have all the information that we need, our landscaping specialists will provide you with a design proposal depending on your budget. Once you approve the budget, we conduct a full survey of the site in order to get a bigger picture of the expected workload. If you are intending to design a large garden, we might be forced to seek the services of a land surveyor with the aim of offering excellent landscaping design services. Planning a garden is a rigorous process that maps out where the structure in your home will go. Such structures include retaining walls, ponds and paths. With everything mapped out, our team of professional landscape and garden designers will proceed with installing different features around your garden that include; patios, water features such as pergola and outdoor lighting features.

Garden Maintenance

Weeding - Garden MaintenanceIt makes absolutely no point to conduct landscaping, garden design and forget perhaps the most crucial activity that is garden maintenance. Unlike the other activities, garden maintenance is not a one-time thing but should be frequent. If you leave your garden unattended for months, then it is less likely that it will maintain the same appeal it had before. We provide professional garden maintenance services that will bring back life to your outdoor space. If your garden needs more consistent maintenance service, we will frequently send out our professional gardeners at your convenience and upon request. We consider weeding and pruning to be a separate service because of the frequency of weed in gardens. This means that you can book both services as a package or request a quote for each. First time owners often face the challenge of trees and bushes particularly if you buy a house from a previous owner. It is expected that trees and overgrown bushes will need to get trimmed in order to provide access to your home.

Rubbish Removal

Looking for a reliable rubbish removal London service? Look no further. Waste removal is the latest addition to our services portfolio. Our teams are well equipped and experienced in collecting all sorts of items (including bulky ones such as bath tubs or three door wardrobes). You can also rely on us for post-renovation cleaning. More than 80% of the garbage we collect, then goes for recycling. We do not collect chemicals, food or medical items.