After Image Decking, Greenwich SE10
Before Image Decking, Greenwich SE10

Decking, Greenwich SE10

Step 1 : Creating a timber base made from joist from a 4×2 timber which is treated and to insure that it will not be rotting in the future we also cover the timber with a material called DPC to prevent any water or moisture entering the wood. The joists are created with a precision and a perfect level which enables the whole construction of the decking very stable.




Step 2: Once the sub-frame is created our team of professional landscapers make sure that they have achieved the perfect level or incline depending on the customer’s request. The check is carried out with the customer’s presence and if there are any further amendments as per request the landscapers will carry them out too.




Step 3: Before finalising the and the customer has agreed to be happy with the outcome of the sub-frame our professionals start laying down the deck boards in the shape requested by the customer as we can see in this particular project the customer request was what we called a “fishbone” effect.

Last step is to use the right oil to protect the decking and to make sure that it is prevented of any moss and any other factors which may damage it or make it a danger to you or your family.