Tips To Care For Your Lawn In The Winter

Winter is not usually seen as a time to take care of your lawn. Near where I live, lawn mowing near me has all but stopped until springtime, when the frosty weather has less of a bite.

It is still possible to sow cold weather grass seed in the winter in a process known asĀ dormant seeding. This is where seeds are planted but due to the cold weather will not grow until the spring.

Despite this, there are still preparation steps and lawn care tasks you can do to ensure that your lawn will be ready to start blooming when spring blossoms.

Here are some tips for caring for your lawn in the winter.


Sweep The Lawn

One of the biggest issues over the winter is debris and leaves being left out on the lawn, which can smother and kill the grass, as well as potentially create the perfect conditions for diseases such as fusarium patch and red thread.


Aerate The Lawn

One of the biggest issues for your lawn is compacted soil, caused by the more extreme weather conditions and snow cover. Use a spade or garden fork to make holes that will allow the lawn to breathe.


Try Not To Walk On Frosty Grass

Try to avoid walking on your lawn if it has a layer of snow or frost on it. It can run the risk of damaging the grass and compacting the soil underneath. Similarly, do not walk on the grass if it is very wet or waterlogged, instead leave it to dry naturally.