Is It Time To ‘Autumn Clean’ Your Garden?

While many people carry out a big ‘spring clean’ of their homes, few do the same in their gardens. However, as an article for Herald Scotland recently pointed out, it’s just as important to give your gardens, sheds and other outbuildings a ‘spring clean’.

The news provider also shared advice from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), which recommends carrying out such activities in the autumn and winter months to ensure that you’re ready when spring rolls around.

RHS chief horticulturist Guy Barter commented: “By taking care of a few simple jobs now, you can give yourself a head-start for the next growing season and ensure garden plants have the conditions they need to thrive throughout the winter.”

Mr Barter recommended starting by cleaning your greenhouse and tools to get rid of pests, as well as to remove algae and moss from the glass, benches and floors.

He also suggested caulking any leaks in your greenhouse to prevent it becoming too damp during the winter months.

Cleaning and oiling your gardening tools, particularly those not made from stainless steel, is another important job for this time of year to ensure that they don’t rust.

When it comes to your greenhouse, consider whether any of the plants you currently have in there will need to be brought indoors to survive the coldest of the winter weather, as unheated greenhouses aren’t likely to escape frosts, he added.

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You might find that you’re more motivated than ever to focus on tidying up your outdoor space. Zoopla recently noted that garden landscaping has become a more popular DIY task to tackle in 2020 as a result of the amount of time we’re all spending in our homes.