Three Tips To Help Your Fence Last Longer

Wooden fences are a beautiful, attractive way of creating a border from your home, but they also need some care and attention to keep them looking their best.

After a particularly cold winter in the capital, the number of homes needing fence repairs in London has increased, as a result of wind damage, water damage and rot, as well as the wood shrinking in winter and potentially causing damage to other parts of your fence structure.

Here are some top tips for taking care of your fence and helping it to look great for longer.


Power Wash Your Fence

If your fence is sturdy enough, power washing it with a hose is a powerful way to remove the pollen, dirt, mould and other debris which can age, discolour and cause internal damage to the wood.

If your fence is a little loose, wash it with a mixture of diluted bleach and water using a cloth.


Prune And Cut Away Vegetation

Vines, climbing plants and nearby roots and branches can damage your wooden fence by weighing it down or increasing the pressure on it.

As well as this, animals, rodents and insects can be attracted to vegetation so the quicker you remove it the less chance other creatures will damage your fence.


Stain and Paint

Bare wood can age and become damaged very quickly, so it is important to either paint or apply a wood stain to your fence.

Which particular protections you will get depends on the particular wood stain you use, however typically a stain will stop sun damage, rain seeping in and increase the lifespan of the wood.

Follow the instructions of your chosen stain or paint and ensure that it soaks into the surface and dries completely.