Three Important Autumn Garden Tasks

With us enjoying the very last days of summer and with the first fall of autumn looming on the horizon, there are some important jobs ahead to ensure your garden is all set before the cold snap of winter.

Winter brings a lot of weather that can really damage a garden, and much like how animals gather food and shelter in time for the cold winter months, autumn is a time to prepare your garden before the first frost, taking advantage of the occasional sun forecast over the next months.

Here are three important garden jobs to do this autumn.


Hedge Trimming

Overgrowing and unruly shrubbery and hedge trimming is a year-round task. Before winter, however, it is important to prune a hedge to ensure it can make the most of the limited sunlight it will get over the winter months.

Pruning hedges avoids decay and rot, however, make sure you do not create any holes when you prune back as these will not grow back until spring.


Lawn Management

Lawns are significantly affected by the colder weather and lack of sunshine. The best way to avoid frost and other winter damage is to mow it one last time, but not too short (no shorter than 5cm) to ensure that the grass is long enough to maximise its time in the sun.


Clear the Leaves

Once the leaves start falling, make sure you are regularly clearing them away from the hedges, lawns and plants, because these dying leaves will deprive anything underneath them of the light they need to survive the cold.


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