How To Tell If You Need A Tree Surgeon

If you have a beautiful garden with lots of lovely trees and plants, it’s vital that you make sure the flora in your outdoor spaces stays healthy and in good condition, or you could find yourself in dangerous situations, especially where trees are concerned.

You may well lack the necessary skills and expertise to keep your trees in good health, however, and it’s important not to try and tackle issues if you don’t have the requisite experience or you could put yourself at risk.

Signs that you may need to call out a tree surgeon to lend a helping hand include crossed branches in your trees. Over time, the branches will start to grow and if they cross over each other, the friction of the branches rubbing against each other can be harmful to the health of the tree. This could lead to decay of the entire tree and is a sign that the tree needs a prune.

Also look out for deep cracks in the bark of your trees as this is yet another sign that the tree isn’t in the best of health. It may be a good idea to have a tree specialist to come out regularly once or twice a year to give your trees a trim so you don’t have to worry about it

Something else to bear in mind is that bad weather can have a big impact on trees and if there has been a storm recently you may see lots of broken branches. These are bad for the tree because the insides will be exposed – and it may be that you need to have the entire tree removed.

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