How To Save Water While Gardening

It is important to keep plants hydrated during the heat of the summer, but the recent dry spell (don’t let the few days of heavy rain fool you) saw a significant increase in households using sprinklers and hoses at the same time in the evenings.

This has resulted in a drop in water pressure for some regions, and Water UK reported a 40 per cent above normal peak water demand for this time of year. Some water authorities are struggling to meet demands, and some are warning of shortages during the summer.

We have some tips on how to save water in your garden.

1. Install a water butt

These are ideal for collecting rainwater to be used for watering plants or washing the car. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, and prepare water butts ready to collect the rain. If you don’t have one, then use watering cans or buckets to collect the water.

2. Switch to watering plants in the morning

The peak for domestic water use is generally in the early evening, so water your plants in the morning to reduce the demand later in the day. This will also provide water for the plants to draw on during the day instead of draining away at night.

3. Don’t water your lawn

Lawns don’t need watering as much as plants, as they are resilient and will bounce back once it rains again.

4. Use a watering can

Hoses and sprinklers use a huge amount of water. One hour of hose use can be equivalent to the average supply for a family of four for two days. The use of buckets and watering cans will limit the amount of water used and also slow the flow when watering containers which means more water stays in the pot rather than running out the bottom.

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