Quick Growing Crops To Help Your Garden Catch Up

Summer is well and truly upon us, and with that, the growing season is in full swing. Gardens are filled with happy, healthy plants, enjoying the beautiful weather mixed with a bit of watering now and again.

However, we understand if you have been a bit too busy and haven’t started growing. Do not fret – it is not too late in the season to sow seeds and have something that will boom by August.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for quick growing crops that if you plant in June should be ready by August.


Spinach, Lettuce And Other Greens

Green plants are incredibly healthy parts of any diet and thankfully grow very quickly so you can add a delicious crunch to your summer dinners.

Kale, as well as bok choy, can be harvested in as little as 25 days, whilst fast-growing lettuce (not romaine or bibb) takes a month and spinach takes 40 days. These delicious greens add a beautiful brightness to your garden very quickly.

For the absolute fastest green, however, look no further than arugula, which can grow in a mind-blowing 20 days. Perfect for a peppery kick to salads.


Snap Peas

Compared to arugula, snap peas are incredibly slow, but with an average time to harvest of around 55 days, they can still be grown in less than two months and have delicious veg that can be eaten fresh or as part of delicious stir-fries.


Tender Herbs

Herbs do not take a lot of time before they are ready to harvest and pack a punch to boot. Basil, dill, parsley and cilantro can be ready to harvest in as little as four weeks.


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