Now’s The Time To Do Some Gardening!

With the government announcing yesterday (March 23rd) that people in the UK must stay at home as much as they possibly can over the next three weeks – and potentially even longer than that – there’s no time like the present than to give your gardens a bit of a makeover.

The beauty of being forced to slow down and take a break from normality and the way we usually lead our lives is that it means we can start doing lots of little jobs that we’ve been putting off simply because we’ve been too busy.

Head out into the garden (thankfully, the weather has improved just in time for lockdown!) to see if there are any jobs that need doing, whether it’s weeding and pruning, mowing the lawn, fixing fencing… there’s sure to be lots of work you can do to keep yourself busy and your mind off current events.

And that’s one of the best things about gardening… the mindfulness aspect of it. No doubt you are worried about yourself, your friends and your family, but it’s important to maintain a positive outlook if possible and gardening can really help you with this. And you’ll be able to get lots of fresh air at a time when outdoor activities are relatively limited.

Remember as well that this situation, as difficult as it may seem right now, is temporary and we’ll soon be back on a more even keel. When that happens and you feel you need help with your outside areas, call London landscaping services Greenlight and we’ll be able to come and lend a helping hand.