How To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Living Space

If you have a garden of any size, you may be keen to create some outdoor living space to help you make the most of the great outdoors.

The Guardian recently shared some advice on how to transform your garden from a boring backyard into a place where you actively want to spend time.

Interior designer Beata Heuman told the publication that it often doesn’t take a lot to spruce up a tired-looking garden and make it into an area that you’re proud of. Her top tip is to add a simple string of filament bulbs, which will make the space “atmospheric”.

She also recommended thinking carefully about how you want to use your garden before you make any changes, to ensure that you tick the right boxes with your new garden design.

Designer and consultant Matilda Goad, meanwhile, told the publication that rather than spending a lot of money on fancy outdoor furniture, it can be more beneficial to invest in pieces for your living room or other interior spaces that can also be used outside when the weather is good enough.

“We so rarely have amazing weather in this country, it makes sense to think about pieces to pull into the garden from your sitting room,” she asserted.

Your garden might already be designed broadly as you would like it, in which case it could just need some TLC. Investing in patio cleaning in London at this time of year means that your outdoor area will be ready to use for the summer months, for instance.

If you like the idea of having a low-maintenance garden, check out our post about Wabi-sabi gardening, which is a concept from Buddhist teaching that encourages you to allow certain elements of your space to be reclaimed by nature.