How To Recycle In Your Garden

Most of us would probably admit that our green and outdoor spaces have brought us a lot of comfort this year and we all understand the importance of reducing our environmental footprint and taking care of our planet.

But did you know that there are a number of simple steps you can take to recycle in your garden? An article for Herald Scotland recently shared some top tips from the new book Do Bees Need Weeds? by gardening experts Gareth Richards and Holly Farrell.

The book explains that there are a multitude of ways in which you can help the environment through your recycling choices.

“From re-using cardboard packaging as a weed-suppressing mulch to growing your own veg from seed, gardens are a great place to give something back to nature,” the book asserts.

The newspaper went on to share some suggestions of how to use common waste created during the festive season to benefit your garden. For instance, cardboard can also be spread across bare soil to protect it from heavy rain in winter, or even curled up in pots to create insect houses.

Making sure you re-use items, such as plastic pots, is also important for the environment, while broken plastic pots can often be recycled.

If you’re carrying out more substantial landscaping work on your garden, make sure you find a company to assist with rubbish removal in London and dispose of any materials you don’t need responsibly.

Which? recently shared some advice on the top gardening jobs to tackle as we move into January, which include recutting the edges of your lawn around its borders, cleaning your patio or decking and even planting a new hedge.