Why A Hedge Can Be A Summer Nightmare

There are many good reasons to have a hedge. It offers your garden plenty of privacy if you let it grow tall enough, it is organic and it can offer habitat for local wildlife.

However, a potential downside can be maintenance, especially in the summer months. If your hedge is fairly small and low, it might not be too hard to give it a bit of a trim once or twice between March and August, but if it is a taller and longer hedge the task may be much harder.

However, just leaving it won’t be an option, not least as excess growth may impede pedestrians on the pavement outside your home.

There are good reasons why you might want to bring in experts used to carry out hedge trimming in London in the summer.

Firstly, there is the issue of safety. Using hedge trimmers is a necessary means of keeping your foliage in trim, but this comes with a number of risks. Anyone carrying out such work will need eye protection like goggles to protect against flying debris, ear coverings to prevent harm from the noise and both footwear and clothes that also protect against potential cuts and scrapes.

It also helps to have a residual current device that prevents electric shock in the event of a wire being cut by accident, while careful checking of equipment to make sure it is all in order is important.

While many will feel willing and able to take on these tasks, others may reasonably feel it is best to let the professionals get on with it.

Alongside that, there is also the issue of time. If you do have a lot of hedge – those living on the corners of road junctions will be a case in point – the task could be very lengthy and take up days if not weeks.

You may reasonably ask whether that is how you want to spend your summer days, rather than sitting in your garden and enjoying it, or undertaking other, simpler gardening tasks?

By letting someone else deal with the hedge, you can free up time to focus on what lies within it.