Grow Or Mow? The Great Debate In Lawnmowing

The long winter nights have finally ended, and with spring fully in season, many people are going back into the garden, to sow seed, repair and tame what is there.

Some people are looking for lawn mowing in London to try and kickstart their gardens and get them looking neat and tidy in time for summer.

And yet, there are a lot of others who have decided to keep the mowers locked up and let their garden grow.

There is a much-publicised campaign, led by celebrity gardener Monty Don, to let your garden grow out, to help make a better environment for wildlife and maintain a more natural beauty, only mowing paths to give children somewhere to play.

Mr Don also pointed out that cutting grass makes a terrible noise and does damage to the environment, and this has led many gardeners to agree to put the mowers away to help bees pollinate by keeping wildflowers alive, a movement known as No Mow May.

This has proved more than a little controversial, with other gardeners disagreeing strongly with the idea that lawns are damaging the environment.

A trimmed lawn looks incredibly appealing and clean, particularly if you are going for a traditional look to your garden.

As well as this, whilst keeping a lawn long improves wildlife diversity, this can also lead to weeds and other pests becoming a part of your garden.

Finally, the best shoots of grass survive when it is cut, which makes the lawn healthier overall, and given that the grass clippings make for great fertiliser and mulching material, it can help to revitalise our garden soil.

Regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, so long as you take good care of your garden it will look beautiful.