How To Grow Herbs Throughout The Winter

As we move into winter, popular TV horticulturalist Frances Tophill, has shared her tips on what vegetables to grow in winter and how to keep your herbs alive through the colder months.

If you’re not familiar with Frances yet, she’s featured on the likes of Love Your Garden and BBC’s Gardeners’ World, and has recently become part of a nationwide competition that aims to get people growing their own vegetables, so she has all the green-fingered credentials to help your garden grow.

“If you have anything like cabbage, like sprouts, kale and broccoli, these should go through the winter,” said Frances. “But if you haven’t started anything yet then you can grow some broad beans or sweet peas, they’re good to start sewing now.”

Frances went on to say that growing your own herbs is super easy and anyone can do it from home.

“Often when you grow herbs from the supermarket, they just sew loads really, really thinly, and then they’re really weak plants,” she said. “If you grow herbs from seed, they’re so much easier and you get much more bushy plants and it tastes better.”

So which herbs should you go for?

“Generally speaking, herbs like parsley, basil, coriander are a little bit more tricky because they are greener so they need a bit more water and a little bit more care,” Frances said. “I think the easiest in terms of care are things that the Mediterranean herbs—thyme, rosemary, lavender if you like using that, they’re all so easy to cook with.”

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