Getting Your Hands Dirty To Feel Happy

The garden is the ideal place to inspire and soothe your soul, to help recharge and refresh yourself. The pandemic has forced all of us to slow down and reflect on the important things in life and helped many people relish in the patience that gardening demands.

The garden, or your indoor plants, should you not have access to a garden, can be the perfect place to keep you occupied during the lockdown, reminding you of the joy you felt as a child when you played in a muddy garden on rainy days.

No matter how old or young you are, reconnecting with nature and the simple pleasures of gardening, tending to plants and vegetables, and getting your hands dirty is the perfect opportunity to rediscover that joy, and let yourself play out in the garden.

Gardening can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want it to be. Make sure you dress appropriately – some old clothes, a sturdy pair of shoes, a hat to keep the sun off your head, and good gardening gloves.

It’s an excellent opportunity to express your creativity, as well as nourishing your mind and body, so it’s no surprise that gardening has become one of the UK’s favourite pastimes.

One of the reasons it is so enjoyable is the continuous change with the seasons, months, and days in the garden. There is always something that needs your attention, whilst giving you a connection to nature.

It will also teach you new skills, and how to learn from mistakes. There will always be setbacks, but as you learn you will grow along with your plants.

Developing a relationship with nature and distancing yourself from technology is essential for our wellbeing during challenging times, and the garden is the best connection you can gain, with just a little effort.

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