How To Get the Perfect Lawn

With summer almost upon us, many people will be spending more time in the garden, even if the unusually wet May weather is doing its best to ensure it is less than usual.

Even so, this is an important time of year, with all sorts of spring blooms at their most florid and the days nearing when, hopefully, it will finally be possible to head outside, sit in a deck chair and soak up some warm rays while sat on a pristine lawn.

Getting that lawn looking great is not easy, but there are plenty of experts out there offering lots of top tips to get it right.

For example, the Daily Mail has just produced an article suggesting ways to make your lawn as good as that seen outside a five-star hotel. Regional Grounds Manager for Sandals Resorts International, Malcom Campbell suggested six ways to do this.

He advised people to vary where they walk and sit on the lawn to avoid wearing patches out, to feed it well with nitrogen, phosphorus and potash – particularly nitrogen to help chlorophyll production in spring – and to water it early in the day to stop it getting too dry.

Mr Campbell also noted the lawn needs lots of direct sunlight, which means considering the effects of your bush and tree cover. Weeding by hand and regular mowing are also important. His mowing tip was to keep the blades sharp and not to cut more than a third off the leaf of each blade.

That’s not easy for the non-expert, but the right lawn mowing services in London can ensure this is done immaculately.

Speaking to, top professional Mark Leishman offered similar advice on mowing and fertilising to those who want their lawn to play like a top golf course, where an immaculate surface is, of course, essential.

Quite simply, if you need to mow your lawn a lot at this time of year, it’s a great idea to get in someone who can do it superbly every single time.