What Gardening Jobs To Do In February

Although it certainly will still feel cold at this time of year, the arrival of February means that spring really is just around the corner and if you have a look around your garden, you’ll soon start to see signs of life springing up here, there and everywhere.

This means that February is the perfect time to start readying your garden for spring, especially if you want to get a good head start. Now’s the time to get your seed beds ready and organise your seeds by sowing date order. You really will thank yourself for this later in the year!

Have a look around for weeds right now as well. You’re sure to have some and February is a good time to start digging them up before the weather gets warmer.

You can do lots of pruning and tidying up of your flower beds now, as well, which can really help promote active growth when spring really does appear.

And if you have a vegetable garden, you can now start removing any weeds and throwing in lots of lovely compost to get the seed beds ready. Make sure you cover your soil with bin bags to keep it dry before you’re ready to plant.

Don’t forget about the lawn, either. You want that to be in great condition come summer, so always clear up any debris like leaves and so on that may fall on the grass. But never step on the grass if there’s been a frost, as you can damage the lawn.

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