Gardening For Beginners: Container Gardening

However big or small your garden, patio, or backyard, container gardening can provide a range of gardening options. Growing plants in containers is a simple way to create instant and adaptable displays right on your doorstep, particularly if you are short on space.

Container gardening has become very popular during the lockdown periods in 2020, lending itself to a wide range of plants that can be grown in containers, such as herbaceous plants, fruits, vegetables, and even shrubs and trees.

But container gardening needs a little more thought, so we have some tips to get you started.

The right location

Placing containers in the right spot will help plants thrive. Plants and flowers that need plenty of sunlight need to be placed in a south or west-facing direction to get the six hours of daylight per day they need, and shade-loving plants need a more shady location.

You will also need to choose a spot that is sheltered to protect them from cold and drying winds. Places such as below fences, hedges, and walls are ideal.

The right container

Just about any container will suffice for planting, whether conventional plastic, terracotta, or wooden pots, or you can be creative and recycle buckets, tins, or even old furniture and fittings.

The only thing you need to consider is that they’re large enough so your plants can grow, and the containers allow for drainage.

The right compost

Garden soil can be too heavy, and also contain weeds, so use a good multi-purpose compost for planting. Container plants will also need watering more often, especially during hot and dry weather, as well as additional feeding, as they will not have access to moisture or nutrients from the ground.

A patio can provide a hassle-free option for outdoor areas, and container gardening might be just what you need to bring some life and colour to your outdoor space, so get in touch if you need patio laying services in London.