Flowers Sent To Pensioners In Cheshire During Coronavirus

Weeding - Garden Maintenance

Old people and those who suffer from disabilities or mental health challenges in Cheshire are being sent flowers and being given help with their garden while the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Active Cheshire has teamed up with Age UK, a local social care team and Mockridge Nurseries to provide people living in the area with some bright colours to cheer them up while they are isolating, reported Warrington Worldwide.

As people have not been able to get out and about during lockdown, the only place they can enjoy activity without putting themselves at risk is in their gardens. However, it has been hard for lots of people to source flowers and plants with garden centres closed and only essential shopping allowed.

Chief executive officer of Active Cheshire Anne Boyd said: “We are so pleased to see residents enjoy planting these flowers, gardening is beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing. Several studies have found that the benefits of reconnecting with nature can have positive impact on mental health.”

Not only does gardening give those who are particularly vulnerable something to do to stay busy, active and in the fresh air, it can lift their moods and make them feel better. Looking after flowers can be a form of mindfulness as it gives them something to focus on instead of listening to the news or growing more anxious about the situation, helping them to feel calm and connect with nature.

Similarly, watching something grow gives them a sense of purpose, helping them to carry on from day to day.

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