Five Tips For Planning Your Front Garden

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Front gardens can sometimes be neglected at the expense of a back garden, where most people choose to relax and socialise. However, we see the front outside space every time we enter the house, and it affects the way we and others feel about the property. Here are some tips to make the most of your front garden.


  1. Include plenty of evergreens

The front garden will be seen by your household members and passers-by throughout the winter, so it’s important to include some evergreens to keep it looking alive and attractive. Daphnes produce fragrant purple flowering flowers in late winter, and are hardy upright shrubs. Hebes, green rocket, Mexican orange blossom, and holly are all suitable choices.


  1. Plant hedges

A hedge will offer more protection against dust and pollution than a wall or fence. They will also attract birds and other wildlife, adding interest to your garden. However, keep them well pruned to avoid blocking pavements and causing disputes with your neighbours.


  1. Use pots and climbing plants

If you have limited space, you can still add greenery with pots and containers. Climbing plants such as honeysuckle, wisteria, jasmine, and roses, will grow up walls and fences, adding a touch of individuality to your house.


  1. Chose paving materials which are sympathetic to the house

If you are building a driveway or patio, try and pick a material which complements the tone of your house. For example, red brick homes can be matched with pavers in a similar tone, although an exact match may be too overwhelming. If you have a period home, tumbled limestone cobbles may look more appropriate.


  1. Consider the view from inside the house

You will probably spend quite a lot of time looking out at your front garden, so make sure you can see any views you want to, or conversely that trees and shrubs give you some privacy from passers-by.


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