Autumn Is The Ideal Time For Gardening

If you’ve been feeling as though you’ve left it a little late in the year to start working on your garden, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Autumn is, in fact, the best time of the year for all manner of gardening tasks, according to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). House Beautiful revealed that research conducted by the RHS found that the moist soil and warm texture of the earth at this time of the year makes it the perfect season for planting.

Sue Biggs, director general at the organisation, told the publication that they want to raise awareness of the importance of autumn in the gardening calendar.

“With the recent growth in gardening, many don’t know that autumn is arguably the most important gardening season,” she asserted.

Among the top advice from the RHS is to plant evergreens, perennials and trees at this time of the year, because the cooler temperatures and higher levels of rain mean that you’ll have to water your new additions far less than if you plant them in spring or summer.

This can also be a good time to get help with hedge trimming in London. Real Homes recently named hedge and foliage trimming as one of the top autumn gardening jobs to do.

Cutting back the dead branches and leaves on your hedges now will make maintenance in the spring much easier, as well as prevent overgrowing among your foliage, the news provider explained.

Other top jobs to tackle as we move into autumn include adding mulch to your borders and using the autumn leaves that fall in your garden to produce leaf mould.