4 Simple Garden Maintenance Tips

A garden should be a sanctuary to relax in and enjoy nature, but unfortunately it can take quite a lot of hard work to keep it that way! If you are looking for some quicks ways to spruce up your outdoor spaces ready for the summer months, here are a few ideas to try.


  1. Stamp down on weeds early

Weeds are the enemy of the gardener, ruining the appearance of flower beds and lawns, leeching nutrients from the soil, and stifling the growth of other plants. Weeds must be pulled up from the roots on a regular basis with a weeding trowel. Dispose of them in a garden recycling bin to avoid spreading seeds.


  1. Give your plants breathing room

It can be tempting to cram as much life as possible into your garden, but plants grow both outwards and upwards in all directions, so leave at least 15cm between fences, walls, and other plants. Well-spaced plants will thrive and also be less vulnerable to disease. Check the labels for planting instructions, if you bought them from a garden centre.


  1. Be careful when removing pots

When you buy new plants in plastic pots, avoid tugging them out by the stems, as you will tear or bruise them. Instead, turn the pot upside down in one hand and gently squeeze the sides. Catch the plant in the other hand as it slides out.


  1. Water thoroughly

Make sure the roots of a new plant are soaked in water before planting, and plant it in a hole larger than the root ball to allow them to spread and absorb water and nutrients. Once planted, water two to three times a week in dry weather, or whenever the soil feels dry to a depth of two inches.


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