3 Gardens To Visit For Inspiration

Now that lockdown restrictions are gradually being eased around the UK, we can all start venturing further away from our homes, which have been our sanctuaries for the last few months.

Spending all this time at home has really helped spark a real interest in gardening since March, coupled with some amazing weather that has had us all spending time together outside.

There are so many different plants, flowers and species to discover, however, that it can be quite overwhelming – so what about making the most of your newfound freedom and heading out to see some public gardens for a spot of inspiration?

Why not make a holiday out of it and head north of the border, checking out the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh? The four gardens are now open again – but what about starting with Benmore, where you’ll find a world-famous collection of plants from the Orient and the Himalayas to North and South America.

If you’d rather a trip to the Big Smoke, head off to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, which are also now open to the public once more. Those of you keen to grow food in your garden might want to head to Kew’s seasonal kitchen garden, which produces fresh fruit and veg all year. Who knows what you could grow too?

And for something a little different, you should certainly head down to Cornwall, where you’ll find the Lost Gardens of Heligan. This 200-acre plot truly was a secret garden, brought back to life in 1990 after becoming overgrown during the first world war, with the estate’s workforce going off to fight in the trenches.

The garden restoration project went on to win all sorts of awards and international acclaim – although it’s still far from complete. So hopefully there will soon be a lot more garden to explore!

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